Edwina Willis Fleming is a Fine Art Photographer based in South Carolina. Completely self - taught, Edwina's photography​ is inspired by her love for Animals and Nature.

Edwina was born in the English countryside and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina early in 1997.Most recently she made a permanent move to Chester, South Carolina to immerse herself in the beauty of natural landscapes and the country life on a daily basis. She has spent the last 20 years enjoying photography as a way to catch the spirit of nature and animals through the lens. She believes that animals are our greatest teachers and healers if only we would observe and listen to them. 


Through The Lens                     
Anne Nielson Fine Art, Charlotte

JANUARY 10 - FEBRUARY 2 - 2019


Anne Nielson Fine Art, Charlotte  

MAY 31 - JULY 14 -2017

Black x White

Anne Nielson Fine Art, Charlotte  

JANUARY 23 2020


E- willisfleming@me.com

T- 704-608-6703

Portfolios available on request